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If you have a painful hip and you are apprehensive about hip replacement surgery, direct anterior hip replacement techniques may change your mind — and your life. Colin Poole, MD, AAOS, ABOS, is one of the leading joint surgeons in Meridian, Idaho performing direct, anterior hip replacement surgery. The anterior hip approach allows for minimally invasive total hip replacement surgery that spares more healthy muscle and tissue, allowing you to return to your previous quality of life more rapidly than traditional hip replacement. Call the office to learn how you can reform your hip with direct anterior hip replacement.

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement Q & A

Do I need a hip replacement?

The decision to undergo hip replacement surgery is not one to take lightly. You may consider the procedure if you have damage to your hip joint that’s causing pain and interfering with daily activities.

Dr. Poole may recommend hip replacement if you have:

  • Hip damage due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or bone tumors
  • Hip joint damage incurred during trauma or fracture
  • Failure of nonsurgical interventions, such as physical therapy and medications, to resolve pain and restore function

If you’re a candidate for hip-replacement surgery, Dr. Poole recommends an approach that is as minimally invasive as possible to give you the least pain with the most function, while allowing for a faster recovery.

What is a direct anterior total hip replacement?

Direct anterior total hip replacement is a minimally invasive approach to hip surgery. For this approach, Dr. Poole makes a 3 to 4-inch incision at the front of your hip, as opposed to the back or side, which is done with more traditional surgeries.

By using this approach, Dr. Poole can replace your joint by gently moving muscles along the natural tissue planes, retracting them without cutting or detaching them from the bone. That means the direct anterior approach is “muscle-sparing” in contrast to other approaches that require cutting or splitting of muscle. Recovery after direct anterior hip replacement surgery is relatively rapid. You’re able to return to normal levels of activity in a short amount of time, especially compared with other hip replacement surgery approaches. You experience less trauma to tissue surrounding the joint and have a lower risk of complications.

With traditional hip surgery, you’re usually given movement precautions that include no bending of the hip greater than 90 degrees, no crossing of your legs, and no excessive rotation. However, with a direct anterior total hip replacement, these precautions are typically not necessary.

If you’ve been told you need a hip replacement or have pain that indicates it may be necessary, call Poole Joint Replacement to set up an appointment to learn about the minimally invasive direct anterior total hip replacement as a superior option.

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