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If you have reduced range of motion and pain due to aching knees or hips, you may qualify for joint replacement surgery. By offering Mako™ robotic arm-assisted surgery, Colin Poole, MD, AAOS, ABOS, of Poole Joint Replacement in Meridian, Idaho, provides accurate and predictable hip and knee joint replacements to restore your function and alleviate pain. Call the office to learn about this advanced robotic surgery option.

Robotic Surgery Q & A

What is robotic surgery?

Dr. Poole has extensive training in robotic surgical techniques. During this advanced procedure, a robotic system is used by Dr. Poole in the operating room. It’s important to understand that the Mako Robotic system doesn’t actually perform the surgery. Surgery is performed by Dr. Poole, who uses the Mako System software to pre-plan your surgery. This ensures optimal placement and alignment of the implants during each procedure.

 A CT scan of your joint is obtained and a digital 3D model of your anatomy is created. This image is then loaded into the Mako Robotic System software and defines your pre-operative surgical plan. 

What procedures can be performed with robotic surgery?

At Poole Joint Replacement, Dr. Poole offers total hip replacements and total knee replacements using Mako technology. 

Total knee replacement

This surgical procedure restores a diseased or damaged joint using an artificial implant made of metal alloys and high-quality plastics. The implant moves just like a natural human joint.

Total Hip Replacement

If you have a diseased or damaged hip joint, hip replacement surgery removes the arthritic bone and damaged cartilage — replacing them with implants that replicate the movement and function of the natural hip joint. 

What are the benefits of robotic surgery?

Robotic surgery is extremely precise. The pre-surgical plan ensures accuracy in joint component placement and insertion. The 3D image is far more detailed and accurate than what the human eye can see, too.

If you need joint replacement surgery, you might want to consider Mako Robotic Surgery. You get this at Poole Joint Replacement. Call today to learn more about robotic surgery. 

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