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If your knees are a source of chronic pain and interfere with your quality of life, you may be a candidate for a total knee replacement. Board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon Colin Poole, MD, AAOS, ABOS, at Poole Joint Replacement in Meridian, Idaho, is a specialist in joint replacement surgery who offers innovative techniques and technology when it comes to total knee replacements. He helps you get relief from pain and restore function as soon as possible. If you suspect you may need a knee replacement, call to book a consultation.

Total Knee Replacement Q & A

How do I know I need a knee replacement?

The knee is the largest joint in the body. Injury, damage, and dysfunction in the knee compromise your ability to move around, participate in activities you love, or even accomplish everyday tasks.

A common cause of knee pain and joint damage is osteoarthritis, a condition in which wear-and-tear, aging, or prior injury has caused the cartilage that cushions your joint to wear away. With the cartilage gone, the bones rub together, causing extreme pain. Osteoarthritis can also cause painful bone spurs.

Rheumatoid arthritis is another common reason you might require a knee replacement. The disease attacks and destroys the synovial membrane and cartilage around the knee joint. Dr. Poole conducts a thorough physical evaluation of your knee and general health. He reviews your medical history and performs several imaging tests, including X-rays and MRIs to ensure that knee replacement surgery is right for you. Typically conservative therapies are initially considered. If these fail to alleviate pain and restore function to an acceptable level, knee replacement surgery may be considered as a treatment option.

What happens during a knee replacement?

A traditional knee replacement is more of a resurfacing procedure than a complete joint replacement. Dr. Poole removes any damaged cartilage and bone from the end of your femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shin bone). He then places titanium metal components over the ends of the bones and seals them into place using a biocompatible cement-like compound. 

Next, he resurfaces the underside of the kneecap (patella) with a plastic button and places a plastic spacer between the parts so they glide easily. 

The newest, cutting-edge trend in knee replacement technology is a press-fit knee replacement, which doesn’t use bone cement or glue to attach the artificial knee to the bone. Instead, in appropriate patients with healthy bone, Dr. Poole uses titanium metal implants made from 3-D printed, porous titanium metal, which allow the bone to grow and permanently bond to the implant without cement.

What should I expect during recovery from a knee replacement?

Most patients either go home the same day or spend one night at the hospital to recover. Dr. Poole and physical therapy will have you walking and weight-bearing on your new knee the day of surgery.

After your hospital stay, you work closely with a physical therapist, who will guide you through your post-operative rehabilitation. The team at Poole Joint Replacement gives you a comprehensive post-procedure plan to help expedite your recovery and return to daily activity.

To learn more about knee replacement as an option for knee pain, call Poole Joint Replacement to set up a consultation today.

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